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Why hello there!

Look at you stumbling across my medium profile. Thanks for popping by! My name is Victoria, I’m a freelance writer from Canada. Yes, of course, I have a website, but if you don’t want to click that, then you can read my introduction here.

I’ve been writing since I could hold a pen in my hands. Poetry has always been one of my favourite genres, but I also love illustrating comics and children’s writing. During my teenage years, I dabbled in slam poetry and performed at festivals across in Canada on various slam teams.


Advice from a fellow Freelance Writer

It’s hard to know how much you’re worth. We’ve all been there. Working for yourself means also working on your own self-doubt, and that can take time to develop.

For my first steady writing client, I charged only $18 US an hour. He’s one of my best clients, so I’m still working at that rate. However, with new clients, I’ve started charging more because I know what I’m worth and now I have the testimonials to prove it.

There is always a time and place to offer discounted rates, but once you’re established you need to raise them. …

Podcast Tips

Advice from Someone who used to Hate Podcasts

Like many people, when I first started listening to podcasts, it was far from enjoyable. Now, I will admit I actually started listening to talk radio, which is a bit different from podcasts but still similar enough that they coloured my perception of podcasts as well. You want me to listen to people talking in a room? How boring. No thank you.

The first radio show I listened to was a sports network with an ex-partner of mine. During hockey season I suffered immensely. We constantly fought over who was in charge of the radio while driving places.

Eventually, I…


With an example that you can steal

It’s your favourite podcast gal again! After working with a number of clients as a podcast producer, I’ve realized many don’t use a publishing schedule. Now, if I’m being completely honest… I didn’t use one myself until recently and I really wish I had used one sooner.

So stick around to learn about what it is, why you need it, and how to make one. Then I’ll even share a link to a free template you can use at the end and that I use myself. Let’s dive right in!

What is a publishing schedule?

A publishing schedule is a calendar you use to organize…


Time to stop saying yes to everything.

I don’t need to write an intro, the title says it all. Here are 15 songs to blast while working on whatever project you agreed to but don’t have time for. If you want a playlist with these and other songs feel free to stalk me on Spotify and learn my secrets.

Sore Loser// by KennyHoopla

Honestly, I just liked the simplicity of this song, but once I started listening to the lyrics I found I liked it more. KennyHoopla has made it onto my playlists since I heard How Will I Rest in Peace if I’m Buried by a Highway?

Regardless of what they are willing to pay you.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average freelancer writer makes $30 per hour. But unfortunately, as with averages, you’ll see that a vast majority of freelance writers report that they work for far less than that.

For myself, I charge anywhere from $20 to $45 dollars per hour depending on the client’s budget and scope of the project. I also work with a flat-free more often now especially as I’ve become more experienced. Still, in general, I’d say it tends to fall in that range.


It’s not over yet, you can still grab our butts to celebrate!

Do you hate women? Do you struggle to control yourself in public? Are you a man who can’t read the context of a situation and tell if your flirting is appropriate?

Well here are ways YOU can celebrate Women’s History Month before it’s over! Of course, you can always celebrate all year round like the true misogynist that you are.

9 Ways for Creeps to Celebrate Women’s History

Make a sexual joke to an 11-year-old girl selling girl guide cookies who won’t understand what you said until 5 years later when she repeats it as a weird interaction at a sleepover and embarrasses herself for not knowing what…


Yes, it was me… and I am embarrassed.

In today’s news, local Vancouverite and a totally average person, Victoria Fraser (me) set a world record for the worst possible password hint. It started 7 years ago when I was setting up my login for a free tax software. Apparently, I — honest to god thought that “confusing” would be a great hint to help jolt her memory.

True story. Here is the email to prove it:

LOL Was this written by the Elphaba from Wicked? Great read, I enjoy your stuff because it always makes me laugh!

Victoria A. Fraser

Writer, podcaster, and nerd. BFA in Psych and Creative Writing. Follow along for humour, nerd stuff, psychology, podcast tips and my opinions!

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